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(this shot is freaking straight out of camera! Fuji Pro 400h, & Hasselblad 500c)

A few years ago I was happily shooting film while everyone was telling me it was time to give it up. I gave digital a try, and something about going digital didn't feel right. I missed film. So I went to the web to research it out, and that's when I found Jonathan Canlas. (Thankfully!) I gave up my digital pursuits and went back to film. Jonathan literally saved my photography career!

Although I came from a film background, my mind was still expanded beyond what I thought was possible. A whole NEW and BETTER world of film has opened up to me. I was given all the tools necessary to help me carve out my own path while working in film. The personal growth I have seen because of FIND is almost astounding. I don't even recognize the photographer I was before Film is Not Dead. It is nothing short of incredible.
The FILM IS NOT DEAD GUIDE will elevate your basic knowledge of film beyond all expectations, because it illustrates both Jonathan's talent and insurmountable knowledge as a film photographer, with his unique ability to also teach it well. His heart is one of the biggest I know, and it's written into the pages of this book. He wants to help others, he wants to share, and his wisdom is limitless! If you want to grow, push yourself, FIND yourself, YOU MUST BUY THIS BOOK!

FIND Guide

THE EXTREMELY DISCOUNTED PRICE ENDS TODAY!!! So you must buy NOW! I am going to personally mail 4 rolls of film to every person who buys through my link to get you started!!!!
4 FREAKING ROLLS!!!! (and to those of you who have already purchased from me will still get their rolls!)
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(PPS: full disclosure: I would sell Jon's book for free, but he is so rad that he is giving me a little piece of the profits if you buy through my link-)


Morgan said...

Hey Kjrsten! I found your blog a little while back and I immediately added it to my Google Reader. I absolutely love your photography. You remind me of all of the reasons why I prefer film to digital. I only use film (unless you count the occasional cell phone picture). Not only do I prefer the look of film, but I love that film forces you to slow down and to enjoy the process of photography. As far as I'm concerned, digital cameras are just imitations of film cameras. To me, nothing about it feels real. I've also had lots of people try to convince me to go digital, but it's not happening. As long as they're still making film, I will be using it.

Morgan said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for your kind words about my photography. I feel the same way. Most people don't understand my love for film, so it's always exciting to find someone who does. My favorite film? That's a tough one. There are so many that I like. I really love Fujifilm Pro 400H and Kodak Portra 400VC. I'm still dying to try out the new Kodak Portra, but it's always sold out. I also like Fujifilm Superia X-tra. It's really cheap, but I love it!

alexismdyer said...

4 rolls! of what?!


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